“What makes a great vintage ?”


To produce a great vintage, the first requirement is a sunny growing season, with some rain. Only under these conditions do we obtain the ripe, healthy grapes that produce good acidity, lively fruit, relief, and good length on the palate.
Grape berry health and maturity will be a problem for a vintage produced under conditions that are too cold and rainy, while too much hot weather will lead to a vintage of appetizing wines, but somewhat lacking in dynamism and freshness.
The weather pattern of hot days and cool nights will help to ensure aromatic complexity. A beautiful hot summer (but without a heat wave) will produce grapes with thicker skins, bringing depth to the wines.
The north wind often present in Burgundy guarantees optimal conditions for grape health.

The 2022 vintage is still ageing in barrels for the moment. It will last about 18 months.
It's still a bit early to say, but we are already sure to have in our hands, or more precisely in our barrels, a very good vintage, even if, just like the vines, the wines still "sleep" for the moment , "ça pinote" quite a bit as we used to say here !!
The colors are beautiful, the structure is well shaped, the aromas are very fresh and the tannins very smooth.

The harvest began on September 25, 2021.
In April, we were affected by a strong episode of frost in the Chardonnay but also in the Pinot Noir, which consequently experienced a strong coulure and a significant millerandage. We were able to manage the pressure of oïdium and mildiou , but we lost an average of 60% of the crop. An important sorting was necessary in order to keep only the best grapes.
The vinification/fermentation lasted 20 days. Our 2021 are very expressive, spicy, floral. The mouths have a very nice viscosity, are very complex, very elegant, very fragrant and very long. It's a style obviously different from 2020, with a lot of fun, harmony and sensuality.

Exceptional conditions / exceptional vintage
Harvest began on August 25, 2020. This was the earliest harvest that Burgundy has known.We were confident in the controlof the different diseases of the vine.We had overall good weather throughout the season and especially in summer.
And we were not confronted with hail or frost.The yields were quite low, on the other hand 2020 is definitely a great vintage (optimum maturity, very nice balance, high density, silky and melted tannins, beautiful consistency and persistence, a total fullness).
Before bottling, the wines taste perfectly well. Our Bourgogne Pinot Noir is already bottled, the other wines will be bottled next spring. Ageing potential : 15 to 20 years minimum.

Vintage bottled in spring 2021
The wines taste wonderfully. They are very open and have enormous potential. It is a great vintage with a possible ageing of 15 to 20 years.

One of the earliest vintages in recent years (the harvest began on September 3rd), the year 2018 was marked by an early bud burst and a hot summer, but without water stress for the vine.
The yields were satisfactory, without excess, with fruit quality marked by excellent phenolic maturity. It was necessary to be particularly vigilant about the harvest date in order to maintain good acidity and a reasonable alcohol content.
Fermentation went well, and today the wines show good density and bright fruitiness.

(comments from April 2019, as the wines are still in barrels at this stage)

In 2017, we had a normal harvest in terms of volume once more, after several years impacted by significantly bad weather conditions. It was an early vintage: we started the harvest on September 5th.
As the grapes were of exceptional quality, our sorting tables were used very little!
The wines have a beautiful bright colour: we immediately wanted to taste them! Aromatically marked by the fresh fruit notes typical of Pinot Noir, these wines are truly appetizing. There is good balance on the palate, as well as silky tannins.
For the white wines in particular, 2017 reveals one of the most elegant expressions of Chardonnay, with a good balance between maturity and freshness.

The wines of the 2016 vintage are remarkable, despite the unpredictable weather that really put a lot of pressure on our vineyard team (a late winter, frost in April, unusually high rainfall, but a reasonable spring and summer).
The wines are full of energy, and their purity is remarkable. They are also very elegant, and have great aromatic richness (subtle floral notes, with red and black fruits, as well as spicy notes). The palate is fresh, while remaining rounded and full-bodied. The tightly structured tannins are soft and tender.
The year 2016 is a classic vintage, with great ageing potential, born from almost perfect phenolic maturity, with no trace of over-maturity.

All the climatic conditions were united in this vintage: a beautiful summer, with a little rain from time to time. So we had to find the right harvest rhythm to avoid over-maturity. The grapes were perfect, with great maturity of course, but also good acidity and concentrated fruit.
So we decided to keep 40 to 50% of whole bunches during fermentation, to give dense reds with a nice tannic structure and a fresh finish.
An exceptional vintage, in that these wines have an incomparably rich taste profile, and some cuvées have excellent ageing potential.
It is also a beautiful vintage for white wines.

This excellent vintage gives elegant wines with the aromas and freshness of Pinot Noir, which are therefore drinkable young.
It's a year of finesse in red wines, and those from the best terroirs can be kept for at least 15 years.
It is the greatest vintage for white wines on the estate, producing dynamic wines, with lots of energy. But also with qualities of freshness and minerality that will stand the test of time. These wines should be kept.

This vintage is from a year that was complicated in terms of climate, with a rainy summer, and difficult harvesting conditions. We had to sort intensively to guarantee quality. The wines of this vintage present great fruit character, on dense tannins, with a beautiful acidity that energizes the wine. The red wines are still young, and need time to integrate these components. They are full-bodied and are beginning to reveal their potential when tasted.
The white wines are in place, and you can enjoy them even now.

This is one of our greatest red vintages (my personal favourite), with perfect weather, alternating between periods of heat and light rains, resulting in ideally ripened grapes. The expression of the wines is marked by fresh fruit notes.
The small yields (20 to 25 hectolitres per hectare) have brought great density, balanced by a very beautiful acidity, which reveals the wines and gives them length. In this vintage, you will find red wines of great purity, offering a lot of pleasure today, but certainly worth keeping. It's also a great year for white wines.

This vintage was a bit difficult, forcing us to wait for the maturity of the grapes, despite difficult weather.
We therefore gave preference to the fruit, with drastic sorting to remove the damaged grapes.
The red wines are sweet, ripe, and full-bodied; they are ready to drink now.
The white wines are racy and dynamic, and are likely to evolve well in the long term.

This is a vintage marked by a beautiful summer, which gave us balanced grapes with ripe skins, unfortunately in small quantities, especially for our red wines due to significant coulure (loss of a certain percentage of flowers during flowering).
We decided to keep 10 to 15% of whole bunches during fermentation for all the cuvées.
The wines are of great density, with a balance between maturity and acidity that gives them a lot of elegance. Each terroir has been able to express itself with precision.
Both the white and red wines from the best terroirs have good ageing potential.

It was a hot but not scorching year, so we had to be vigilant regarding the harvest date, so as not to plunge into over-maturity.
The wines have a lot of fruit, and are well rounded, with generous tannins. These very moreish wines offer pleasure from the start, but become more complex when kept, as ageing tones down the exuberant character of their early years.
The white wines have good body, and you can enjoy them now.

This cold-climate vintage forced us to wait for the grapes to reach full maturity. Rigorous sorting allowed us to keep only the ripest bunches, thus producing full-bodied, elegant wines, with rounded tannins and beautiful acidity. Should be decanted before serving.
Our 2008 white wines have the same dynamic energy, and are ready to drink now.

This year was marked by an early spring and a gloomy summer. It was autumn that made the quality of the vintage, but we had to wait and wait again, so as to harvest only fully mature grapes.
By keeping close track of the wine-making process, we obtained soft, silky tannins, for very digestible wines that will give you pleasure today.
For the white wines, the grapes were harvested ripe, to produce wines with classic balance. Ready to drink.

Between moisture and heat, this year gave us ripe grapes with a lot of fruit.
We decided to vinify without too much extraction, to obtain appetizing wines with smooth tannins. Very good now, the red wines can also be kept.
The white wines are ready to drink now.

The GREATEST VINTAGE! Virtually no sorting, perfectly ripe grapes, with acidity and lots of polyphenols (molecules forming tannins and providing colour), resulting in wines with deep, silky tannins, bursting with fruit.
Despite the passage of time, this vintage is still young, and deserves to be kept for 5 to 10 years, but can be drunk now. Decant two hours before tasting.
The white wines are powerful enough to be ready to drink now.

This was the most complicated vintage of the past 15 years. It was necessary to wait until maturity, remove the big bunches and sort ruthlessly, to keep only the healthiest and most concentrated grapes. We chose to vinify the grapes without extraction, so that the balance between delicate fruit and fine tannins occurred naturally.
These wines are ready to drink now.

This vintage was marked by a scorching summer. A downpour in late August allowed the vineyards to relax, but we had to decide on an early harvest date (September 1st).
It was a very sunny year, yet with good ageing potential, because the profile of each terroir has emerged clearly, after the ripe and generous fruit of the early years. Both the whites and the reds are ready to drink now.

Resulting from a season alternating between cool temperatures and sunshine, this is a vintage with good ageing potential. Perfect harvest conditions brought in excellently healthy grapes.
The wines are dense and pure with the same Burgundian elegance that is found again in 2010. It's a great vintage to keep.

It was a year marked by a cool climate. There was beautiful maturity, but sorting at harvest was really necessary. The wines all presented a fine balance between firm tannins and tasty fruitiness. The reds are shaping up well in tasting sessions, and the whites are ready to drink now.