“Harvesting by hand”

The Vendanges (Grape-picking)

We are obsessed with the maturity of the grapes and with paying proper attention to grape quality, which is why all our grapes are harvested manually. Tasting is the most important part of the analysis of grape quality (based on sweetness, acidity, and taste).
With these fine Pinot Noir grapes, we seek full maturity, while avoiding over-maturity. For white wines, our goal is to preserve the fresh expression of the fruit.

Grapes take precedence over all logistical constraints.
We do not hesitate, for example, to double our teams of bunch-cutters to go faster at certain key moments or, conversely, to interrupt harvesting a plot for a few days to allow the grapes to reach a better level of maturity (this was especially the case in 2007).

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