“Terroir wines”

Marsannay Clos du Roy (white)

The Clos du Roy, which dates back as far as the thirteenth century, was considered by Jules Lavalle (1855) to produce wines that "deserve a most honourable place among the most excellent wines”. The 30-year-old vines on the estate are on a 0.60 hectare plot (1.48 acres).
The Chardonnay grape variety finds its perfect terroir here, where a thick layer of calcareous gravel (limestone scree, or grèzes litées) overlies a deep marly subsoil/substratum. This warm early-ripening climat brings to the wine notes of ripe apricot, citrus fruits, white flowers, and even a hint of honey. The ample texture is counterbalanced by mineral tension, with a saline finish that brings a nice balance to this wide wine. The white Marsannay Clos du Roy is an elegant wine with a strong personality, which can easily be kept for 5 to 10 years in order to reveal its full potential.
The grapes are pressed for 4 hours to gently extract the must. Both fermentations take place in barrels. The wine is aged for 18 months in 600 L barrels.
This wine can be served with trout steak in butter sauce, veal stew with cream, sea scallop carpaccio, or rack of veal with morels /morel mushrooms, for example.

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