“Terroir wines”

Fixin Crais de Chêne

The Crais de Chêne is a climat on the alluvial cone between the villages of Couchey and Fixin. The plot (1.7 hectares / 4.25 acres) is composed of limestone rockfall soils mixed with clay. The perfectly ripened grapes of these 55-year-old vines produce rounded tannins.
The Fixin Crais de Chêne is a wine with a generally sunny nature, structured by assertive tannins, with frank minerality, and a saline finish. Time allows the wine to mellow in texture, and the wild aromas of youth give way to a more complex expression (fruity and floral). It has a lot of energy.
It is a balanced wine with good ageing potential, from 5 to 15 years. We recommend decanting just before serving.
Depending on the vintage, we use 50% whole-bunch fermentation, and ageing lasts about 12 months in barrels (with 20% of new barrels) and 6 months in stainless steel tanks.

It pairs well with cooked meats, such as sliced beef with black mushrooms and a soy glaze, or a prime rib of beef and its juices with grape must, a filet mignon of pork with sweet and sour sauce, or a haunch of venison.

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